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Delivering on a vision of robots working with and for people in the workplace, our technology provides a user-friendly, safe and fully autonomous way to empower people and enable business operations.

We design and build intelligent robots for the workplace.

Ava Robotics Telepresence Robots For Labs


made practical

Imagine enabling remote users to collaborate effectively with your teams or conduct site visits. Ava makes it all possible. Learn how Ava can create an unparalleled, immersive experience for your remote users.



made responsive

Automated security robots increase workplace security and patrolling, facility inspections and event response with incredible reliability, enabling employees to focus on responding to security threats and physical breaches and less on observation. The robot creates efficiencies in security operations while increasing operational competencies.

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Ava Robotics is leading the way in ushering in this exciting new era. Leveraging a deep technical heritage with roots at iRobot, we're focused on developing intelligent robots for commercial applications to improve human productivity, safety and quality of life.


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