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Enhancing Virtual Collaboration: Ava Robotics Integrates with Leading Video Conferencing Platforms

Video conferencing has emerged as a lifeline, connecting teams across the globe, facilitating seamless information exchange, and bridging the physical divide. To further amplify this virtual collaboration experience, Ava Robotics has taken a step forward by integrating its Ava Robot with leading video conferencing platforms like Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. This integration empowers teams to collaborate and interact more naturally, enhancing productivity levels and fostering a sense of presence, regardless of physical location.

Users have a choice between 1-1 video integrated into the Ava app, or using Ava paired-up with the meeting app for their preferred video conferencing platform.  Use cases for using Ava with a meeting app include allowing multiple people to join a video call and together use Ava to visit or tour a remote location, and complying with standards implemented by IT departments.

This flexibility empowers teams to tailor their virtual experiences to their needs and work preferences. From virtual office meetings to remote inspections, the possibilities are endless, making communication and collaboration more efficient and tailored to each team’s unique workflow.

To read more about the integration with the most popular video conferencing platforms, select how to get started below:

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