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The Ava Robot has an HD camera with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities for clear visuals. It also has peripheral view cameras, high-fidelity speakers for crisp audio, and an omnidirectional microphone for a 360-degree view and clear communication.

Ava Robot is self-driving and avoids obstacles with navigation and collision avoidance sensors. It can adjust its height, autonomously navigate to specific locations, and return to its charging station. Its collision avoidance feature ensures safety by preventing collisions with objects or people.

With collaborative capabilities, allowing remote control for meetings, events, and tours worldwide, Ava provides a unique and immersive experience. Autonomous patrols ensure security and surveillance allowing for routine inspections, making it versatile for different industries. The Ava web app is compatible with Mac and PC, while the iOS app offers convenient control from mobile devices.

The Ava Robot uses secure https communication to protect data transmitted between the robot and users. This includes video and audio encryptions for enhanced privacy and security. Dual Wifi radios ensure a reliable and stable internet connection for smooth communication.

The Ava Robot
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