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Empowering Immersive Experiences: Ava Teleport App and the Apple Vision Pro

The new Apple Vision Pro is an innovation that revolutionizes collaborative work. Via early access to the device, we were able to verify compatibility with our Ava Teleport App, and see the potential for a truly immersive remote presence application. The merging of Ava Teleport's features with the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro promises a new era of interactive and engaging virtual experiences. Join us as we explore the possibilities unlocked by this combination and delve into the future of augmented reality with your Ava Robot and Vision Pro.

With eye-tracking technology, Vision Pro users navigate menus by simply looking at options. Hand gestures provide intuitive control, and voice commands enable hands-free operation. The device also boasts a powerful built-in processor and an array of sensors that enable augmented reality functionalities, making team collaboration more engaging and interactive than ever before. Truly, the Apple Vision Pro redefines collaboration by leveraging the latest technologies to create a seamless and immersive working experience.

Ava can even be used alongside other collaboration apps in the Vision Pro, such as Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, allowing the user to benefit from the collaboration tool of choice for their enterprise while using Ava to be present at the remote location, all in the immersive space of the Vision Pro.

In the Vision Pro, the Ava Teleport App provides users of Ava Robots with a range of features and options that are not possible with traditional devices, including having a large digital workplace which allows users to see a bigger and more detailed of what Ava is capturing from the remote side, and being able to command the Ava to move to a point in the floor plan just using their eyes. Gesture-based features include being able to look at the image from the remote side and with a finger pinch having the robot orient itself, or the use of two finger pinches to frame a zoomed view to take a close look at an object or whiteboard on the remote side.

With the digital workplace presented by the Vision Pro, users can have their Ava app alongside digital work tools related to the work. An engineer may then be present at a remote factory via Ava and be able to simultaneously have the technical files of the factory or real-time data open alongside it. Or a doctor can see the patient in real size while having the records and live vitals available to them.

Moving towards the future, Ava is dedicated to enhancing immersive teleportation experiences by developing improved applications for various devices, including PC/Mac and mobile. The arrival of the Apple Vision Pro showcases the exciting potential for immersive remote presence applications. By merging Ava Teleport's features with the capabilities of the Vision Pro, a new era of interactive and engaging virtual experiences is promised.

To schedule a remote or in-person demo of the Vision Pro with Ava, schedule here:

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