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Client visits to your facilities provide access to senior-level executives and deliver value in the form of hands-on briefings, strategy reviews, product demonstrations, and opportunities for relationship building. However, with so many busy schedules, getting the right people to attend is not always easy. Until now. With Ava, customers can “send” an in-demand decision-maker to attend all aspects of a briefing or tour your facility without physically traveling to the location.



"The ability to give easier showroom access to a customer, or an entire group, so they can interact and benefit from being with the equipment, in the space, is what sets Ava apart from other solutions."


- Rossana Fernandez, Hillrom West Coast Showroom Manager


"This robot allows us to interact with our customers wherever they are, wherever they sit, all over the world. This robot is not only a game-changer for Signa, but a game-changer for the whole real estate industry."

- Franz Hillebrand, CIO Signa


Cisco Dubai

"We tell our salespeople, ‘You don’t need to bring your customers here; you can just use Ava.’ More and more, we’re encouraging our people to choose virtual site visits with Ava. We’re used to it. And we trust it because it’s effective and reliable.”

-Osama Al-Zoubi, CTO, Cisco Middle East and Asia

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