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Clean Rooms

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Addressing issues in Cleanrooms can be expensive 

At Ava Robotics, we understand the challenges of maintaining cleanroom environments. Proactive monitoring is limited due to access restrictions and contamination risks discourage human interventions. When expert access is needed, it can be slow and cumbersome, resulting in productivity loss. That's why we offer advanced robotic solutions that can navigate cleanrooms seamlessly. Our robots enable real-time monitoring and efficient intervention, ensuring a clean and productive environment without sacrificing safety and efficiency.

Ava Robots empower experts to monitor processes proactively

Cleanrooms are critical environments in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing industries, where even the tiniest particle can disrupt processes and compromise product quality. Ava Robots offers a solution that empowers experts to effectively monitor these cleanrooms. By constantly monitoring progress, experts can proactively identify any deviations or potential failures, reducing the risk of process failure by a remarkable 90%. Additionally, Ava Robots provide immediate and contamination-free entry into cleanrooms, allowing experts to address any issues in real time. This seamless access significantly speeds up the time to resolution by an impressive 58%, ensuring efficient operations and high-quality outcomes.

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