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Responding to Customer Requests with Exciting Updates: Introducing Ava Web App 5.0 & Ava Teleport App for iOS 5.0

Ava Robotics is dedicated to providing the best user experience possible, which is why we value and actively seek out customer feedback. We understand that our Web App and iOS App are key tools for our users, and that's why we continuously make improvements and updates based on customer suggestions.


We recently introduced full-screen video capability, enabling users to have a more immersive and comprehensive view of the robot's surroundings. The control panel is activated when the user moves the cursor to reach for control features, and naturally disappears when not needed.

Focus on Point

We also introduced a control feature called "Focus on Point" functionality, allowing users to simply click on the point of the image they want to focus on, prompting the robot to orient itself and center the view on that specific point. This feature enables users to effortlessly direct the robot to their desired points of interest.

iOS APP 5.0

One recent enhancement in the iOS App is making it easier to join Ava into popular meeting apps like Webex, MS Teams, and Zoom. Users are presented with the option to Enter a Video Address, where they can enter the address from a video invitation. 

As an example of how this works, see this video about using Ava with a Zoom Meeting:

The Focus on Point feature that was added to the Web App is also available in iOS, along with a Zoom to Point, with which the user can use a two-finger gesture to select the exact framing they want. This video illustrates this operation:

Would you like to see how the Ava Robot works? Have questions about how it can be a new asset to your company? Get in touch by scheduling a remote or live demo here!

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