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Improving Customer Relationships: A Look at Baxter's Use of Ava Robots with Microsoft Teams

In an era where virtual interactions have become increasingly vital, businesses are finding new ways to connect with their customers. Healthcare technology leader Baxter recognized the need to enhance their sales and education processes to accommodate their high-profile customer base. Driving this initiative, Baxter adopted the Ava Robot to elevate digital experiences in their premier product showrooms located in Irvine, CA and Batesville, IN. 

By integrating Microsoft Teams with the Ava Robot, Baxter gained the ability to successfully provide customers with easy remote access and meaningful interactions with

sales and education experts, while using video software they are familiar with. As a leading provider of healthcare connected care products and services, accommodating schedules for on-site visits in their showrooms, even for small groups of 3-5 people, proves challenging. Inevitably, someone can’t make the trip, for professional or personal reasons.

“The ability to give easier showroom access to a customer, or an entire group, so they can interact and benefit from being with the equipment, in the space, is what sets Ava apart from other solutions,” says Baxter Customer Experience Center, West Coast Showroom Manager, Rossana Fernandez.

Baxter has been able to create a compelling and reliable platform for virtual meetings, product demonstrations, and collaboration without limits. This strategic use of technology has propelled Baxter's sales and education processes, ultimately improving customer relationships and satisfaction. End users only need to join the Microsoft Teams meeting, and the Ava Robot provides the on-site presence, autonomously touring the space for the shared visit. Baxter's product experts onsite are able to interact with the remote customers to demonstrate their products and address any questions or concerns they may have, creating a seamless and immersive experience.

“With Ava, our team feels confident that we can deliver a better customer experience than our competitors, and that confidence spreads beyond the sales team, throughout the company,” says Zawodniak.

Shortly after deploying Ava, a large customer requiring extensive preparation and multiple defined scenarios teleported via Ava into the Irvine showroom for a presentation. At the debrief following the presentation, the customer said it was the most professional, well-prepared presentation they had seen yet, commending the team for leveraging technology better than any company with whom they had worked. 

“Outfitting just one room with static video, audio, and conferencing capabilities is just about cost-equivalent to an Ava Robot that gives Baxter the mobility to navigate from the ICU to the OR in seconds” explains Fernandez.

Baxter's adoption of the Ava Robot demonstrates their commitment to customer-centric innovation and provides a compelling platform for virtual meetings and demonstrations, showcasing the potential of workplace robots in enabling hybrid work.

PDF of case study:

Download PDF • 2.37MB

*Baxter acquired Hillrom in 2021

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