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Ava + Foodable Network Interview: How Robots Inspire Hope for Restaurants & Food Services

Without question, food services, and the hospitality industry as a whole, has had the rug mercilessly yanked out for the last four months--and there is no guiding light as of yet. Take- out orders and delivery can't sustain our dynamic, experience-focused food business. From small mom-and-pop local treasures to premier fine dining destinations, food establishments across the country have closed their doors for good. And so many more are in increasingly tenuous situations as Covid19 continues to quicken its pace throughout the US.

In response to our UVC disinfecting robot collaboration with MIT CSAIL, Foodable Network's Barron Report approached us to discuss how these robots could help food establishments meet new, challenging sanitation expectations and re-kindle consumer confidence.

Whether through direct kitchen applications: food prep stations and dining areas, or more integrated robotic use cases, including telepresence to promote social distancing in the "front of the house," robotic solutions can and will positively impact the bottomline. Having a guaranteed, tangible solution that provides peace-of-mind for patrons and customers is likely to, very quickly, cover its own cost and prove its worth for the long haul.

"On the idea of service...When I have conversations with customers--hotels, event venues, restaurants--I ask them 'What do you do today? What is the cost of having people come in to clean, and what is the value of having a sure way to disinfect your space ?' it becomes easier to prove the economics if you look at it that way." --Youssef Saleh, CEO, Ava Robotics

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