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Ava Robotics + Webex

Ava Teleport, Inside Webex.

The Ava Robot enables users to be anywhere at a workplace and move around as if they were. With powerful features such as a collision avoidance and side-view cameras, and controls for moving and looking around including zoom, Ava is the most immersive expression of collaboration available today.


Now the entire experience is available within Webex with the use of the Ava Teleport App for Webex. 

Ava Webex App Tutorial
Ava Robot

Starting an Ava session within a Webex Meeting:

  • Start a Webex Meeting

  • Click on the Apps button, and then launch the app "Ava Teleport"

  • Log in with your Ava credentials

  • Authenticate Webex to link with your Ava account

  • Select which site you want to visit, and Ava at that site will join the meeting as a video participant while you have control to move it around

You are in IT looking to enable the Ava Teleport App in your Webex Control Hub

You are a user of Ava Teleport or Webex App...

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Ava Robotics and Webex

Ava + Webex Customer Success Stories

Cisco Dubai 
(Corporate/Event space)

The Ava Robot collaborating with professionals in the work place

When Cisco customers can't make it to Dubai, they can benefit from immersive, custom virtual tours via Ava. 


"We tell our salespeople, ‘You don’t need to bring your customers in; just use Ava.’ More and more, we’re encouraging our people to choose virtual site visits with Ava. We trust it because it’s effective and reliable.”

Osama Al-Zoubi, Chief Technology

Officer, Cisco Middle East and Asia

(Hybrid Work)

The Ava Robot Remote Expert collaboration robot

What first seemed abstract became(virtual) reality for SIGNA clients: Ava intelligently and autonomously assists realtors and clients in contactless home tours, expanding sales capabilities.


“I believe this robot is not only a game changer for

SIGNA – it’s a game changer for the whole real

estate industry”

Franz Hillebrand, CIO, SIGNA

Garnet Hill

The Ava Robot with assisted living

Having a Webex-powered Ava robot to autonomously connect people on both sides of the screen, wherever, whenever, provided Garnet Hill's wellness teams with efficiency and confidence.


"We needed a way that was fast, reliable, and

easy for everyone to use. Being able to

connect with people you can’t visit is


Kelly Zelaska, Wellness Director, Garnet Hill

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