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Ava Robot + Webex: A Virtual Guide at Zgoll

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

At the end of 2020, we spoke with Zgoll, an architecture and planning firm also in the Cisco partner network, about how Ava Telepresence can help them close the gap between the office and remote customers and team members. Shortly after, a robot was unboxed at their innovative office in Germany and they quickly began welcoming customers and team members into their innovative spaces for a more immersive, meaningful experience.

Video Translation:

Ava is, in principal, our new team member. A telepresence robot. Ava is timely, not just regarding the corona situation, but also with regard to our video collaboration capabilities. Ava represents the customer.

In addition to letting the customer join via conferencing system and giving them better insight into the space, we can create experiences within the space itself. I can take the customer with me, by my side, through the various spaces. Moreover, I have the option to let the customer join me during the important coffee breaks, where more important matters and topics are discussed--the ones that don't come up during PowerPoint presentations.

You can experience the space yourself, look around, and this is what makes Ava Telepresence unique.

As virtual guides in CX or innovation centers, Ava Telepresence Robots deliver value for remote users, as well as on-site workers, clients, customers, etc. Being able to have more control as a remote user and participant creates the opportunity for more organic and spontaneous interactions. Those meetings-after-the-meeting and coffee conversations can truly be where the magic happens, and Ava helps facilitate not only scheduled meetings but also follow-up or ad-hoc conversations that only happen when you are present in a space.

Ava is also a medium for us to participate more in life at the company from a stroll remotely to a colleague's workplace, or even meet for coffee. With the integrated Cisco video codec, Ava takes full advantage of the Cisco Webex ecosystem and thus also the dial-up for Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Michael Zgoll, CEO of Architecture & Planning firm, Zgoll

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