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Ava Robotics Makes Access to Ava Robot Even Easier

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The category of workplace robotics is in part about making automation easy to access and use for human workers to improve productivity. To create even greater accessibility to its telepresence robots, Ava is now integrating robotics into the applications that are familiar, well-known and regularly used by teams to create a seamless user experience.

As an example, the recently launched Ava Teleport App now available in the Webex App Hub, which delivers easy access to and control of our telepresence robot to Webex users. The app allows Webex users to pull up an Ava robot into a Webex meeting, creating one seamless interface for Ava’s autonomous telepresence robot.

Ava’s telepresence robots enable hybrid work by delivering an immersive, meaningful experience for remote participants while providing a seamless and smooth interaction for those onsite. With embedded video conferencing systems, Ava robots provide seamless, reliable, and natural presence and collaboration for remote workers across a variety of workplace applications.

Our ultimate goal is to create the best user experience possible. That Webex users can now access Ava controls seamlessly within their meeting demonstrates total integration of Ava’s product within the collaboration platforms that people are already using. Integrations like this allow meeting participants to intuitively collaborate right in their platform of choice.

To start an Ava session within a Webex meeting, users:

  • Start a Webex Meeting

  • Click on the Apps button and launch the app "Ava Teleport"

  • Log in with Ava credentials

  • Authenticate Webex to link with an Ava account

  • Select the location they want to visit; the Ava robot will join the meeting as a video participant and move autonomously where it is needed

Ava Telepresence Robots enables users to be anywhere at a workplace and move around as if they were physically there. With powerful features such as collision avoidance and side-view cameras, and controls for moving and looking around including zoom, Ava is the most immersive expression of collaboration available today.

In an age of hybrid work, robotics must become more deeply embedded in everyday workplace applications that are already being used to enhance the collaboration experience.

At Ava, we’re leading the way in finding opportunities to make robotics interactions as accessible as possible. With evolving remote work and hybrid business models, Ava brings a mobile, intelligent solution to transform industries, enabling the future of work within corporate office settings, manufacturing, healthcare, events/hospitality and more.

Download the Ava Teleport app from the Webex App Hub here.

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