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Featured Collab: Ava + Sasaki on TeleCulture, Design, and the Workplace

When we first started working with the brilliant, inspired team at Sasaki (before Covid19 had even taken shape), we deployed Ava Telepresence Robots to help them solve for their specific remote collaboration needs. But now, after rapid and drastic industry transformation across the board, we decided to come together and share our telepresence experience and design perspectives at a higher level.

Together with Sasaki Chief Technology Officer, Holly St. Clair, and workplace designer and senior associate Meredith McCarthy, AIA, workplace designer and senior associate Colleen Barrett, our Ava Co-founder and VP of Product, Marcio Macedo, and VP of Sales, Rob Kutner, discuss how collaboration has evolved, why user expectations demand more from tech solutions, and what the workplace will need to accomplish on both physical design and cultural fronts to adopt and adapt.

Working with customers and partners like Sasaki allows us to share the Ava platform from unique angles, expanding knowledge not only around individual use cases, but also future contexts. The changes happening in real-time in the workplace demand more from people and technology. Fully-autonomous, intelligent solutions like Ava, which are designed to be human-centric, create a smoother path for robots in the workplace as a whole.

If you'd like to learn more about Ava Telepresence Robots or experience practical teleportation first-hand, schedule a demo, or get in touch with us.

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