The telepresence robot (Ava) creates a safe and mobile ability to communicate and meet/visit in a space without actually being there. The Ava platform creates a more immersive experience of a person actually being in the facility with complete independence and mobility.  

With Cisco Webex Teams Video SDKs in Web and iOS apps and Cisco Webex device integration into the robot, Ava fully leverages the Cisco infrastructure for security, manageability and return-on-investment.​​



Webex Teams Calling to users or devices

Webex Meetings

UCM compatible

Cisco and Meraki Wi-Fi

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco and Ava Robotics  have partnered to bring remote visitation to assisted living and elderly care facilities for healthcare professionals, specialists, physicians, and family of residents as well as in hospitals to augment patient and expert consults.



Ava Robotics Virtual Telepresence Robots for Remote Team Collaboration

Empower employees, executives, consultants and others working off-site to engage and collaborate seamlessly with your teams.


Allow guests and customers to visit your customer experience center virtually and get a realistic sense of what the experience is like.


Ava Robotics Telepresence for caregivers of the elderly

At assisted living facilities and care centers, family members and healthcare providers can visit loved ones and patients and be immersed in their environments.

At hospitals or clinics, providers are able to freely move in the space to provide their expertise where and when needed, independent of physical distance.


Ava Robotics High grade videoconferencing tool for hospitality industries

For meeting planners, Ava provides the ability to "walk" the hotel and visit the meeting spaces, conference rooms and ballrooms as they plan their event.

When invitees and guests can't get to the conference or event, Ava allows them to attend and move around as if they were there.