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Ava, Frink, and Webex Expand Sales for Real Estate Innovator, SIGNA

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

In response to the severe limitations created by Covid19 lockdowns, premiere Austrian real estate developer, SIGNA teamed up with Frink, Ava Robotics, and Cisco Webex to create a fully-digital, remote sales experience. As a result, SIGNA is positioned as an industry leader and innovator heading into the new year--and the future of work.

To build upon the Collaboration Blog from Cisco, and the press release, which features this fantastic pairing of Cisco partners with the power of Webex technology, this inspiring, beautiful video, courtesy of the team at Frink, truly captures the vision of robots in the workplace:

Digital customer experience is the future, and SIGNA acted fast to give their clients and customers the opportunity to autonomously explore a property in detail, not having to rely on pre-selected content. Ava Telepresence assists realtors and clients in remote, contactless home tours that let the client, or customer, have more control and better access.

“Ava lets you explore spaces in a more immersive and personal way, and Signa recognized the opportunity to do more for their remote customers and clients. Offering them a real-feel walk-through that lets them control their experience, has resulted in more confident decisions and positive outcomes.” -- Rob Kutner, Ava VP of Sales

As mentioned in the video by SIGNA CIO, Franz Hillebrand, using Ava to enable sales and add value for customers tells not only a success story for SIGNA but demonstrates new standards and aspirations for real estate industry transformation. Truly, this is what workplace robotics is all about: empowering people, places, and processes to be more fluid, agile, and responsive to whatever the world throws at us and our businesses.

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