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Tyco Security Robot: Robotics and Automation News Feature

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Ava Robotics to provide its Tyco robot for security patrols at buildings managed by Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has chosen Ava Robotics, a developer of robots for workplace applications, to provide its new Tyco Security Robot for patrols in the buildings it manages.

Tyco debuted recently in the Tyco Demo Room and Innovation Center at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in Orlando.

Taking a unified approach to solve existing and emerging challenges within the workplace, including for specific and evolving building and facility security needs, this robot is designed to bring access control, video surveillance and security robotics together for a more comprehensive and efficient solution.

In order to better address evolving security and facility monitoring needs, businesses are identifying opportunities to streamline security operations, maximize staffing and automate processes.

The fully autonomous security robot includes sensors, touchscreen and integrates two Tyco Illustra cameras to streamline security operations and increase operational efficiency, creating unprecedented workplace monitoring and security capabilities.

Jason Ouellette, director of technology and business innovation at Johnson Controls, says: “Ava’s mobile, autonomous and innovative robotics technology helped close the loop of solutions we needed to increase and streamline security operations. The robots observe, monitor and notify staff so they can focus more on taking the right action in real time.”

The autonomous security robot provides enhanced deterrence and high-quality evidence for investigations, managing repeatable security tasks and enabling security personnel to focus on high-value activities.

This combination of robots with existing reporting practices and historical trend analysis can improve the security posture of organizations by uncovering gaps, driving behavioral change and providing data to drive business decisions. The Security Robot provides:

  • People detection to determine when people are present at unexpected times or locations.

  • Incident prevention to limit potentially harmful incidents and minimize negative or dangerous interactions.

  • Monitoring and management for faster reaction to incidents, review incidents remotely, monitor critical equipment and ensure safety is maintained across operations.

  • Comprehensive security coverage by increasing security patrols and establishing an enhanced physical presence that augments existing monitoring.

  • Operations beyond traditional security such as the ability to run routine safety inspections on equipment and critical infrastructure across operations and receive sensor data.

Marcio Macedo, co-founder and VP, products at Ava Robotics, says: “With the current growth and expansion of robots in the workplace, Ava’s work with Johnson Controls serves as another example of applying intelligent, mobile technology to drive better business outcomes and satisfaction.

“There is growing need for facility-focused robots outside of warehouse robots, and building and operational security is a smart place to focus on. This maps to our strategy to uncover unmet needs in the workplace, especially those that can be solved through robotics and automation.”

Osvaldo San Martin, vice president and general manager, Johnson Controls security products, says: “Taking a smarter, more efficient, and purposeful approach to workplace security is a crucial part of building and facility management and overall business operations.

“The more we can effect better and safer outcomes with automated, sustainable solutions like the Security Robot, the better the work environment becomes for people.”

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