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NBC Bay Area Feature: What Will Offices, Homes Look Like Post-Pandemic?

When we received a call from NBC informing us that Ava's UV Disinfection Robot was a product of interest for an "investigative" story, we were intrigued! Having seen the collaboration with MIT CSAIL from the Greater Boston Food Bank, the NBC Bay Area team reached out to include Ava in a broader story about the evolving workplace. They included nine Bay Area-based architects from six different firms: Ashley Roi Jenkins Design, STUDIOS Architecture, PWP Design, SWA, William Duff Architects, and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. But they also included input from technology experts around post-pandemic solutions and technologies.

Having previously explored this topic with our friends at Sasaki, a leading architecture firm in Boston, this was familiar territory for Ava Telepresence. But, for UV disinfection robotics, this is an emerging market and opportunity.

Photo credit: NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit

From the article:

Architects also expect office buildings to begin heavily relying on voice-activated technology and smart phones to allow employees to navigate much of their work day without touching anything. Motion-sensor faucets and automatic doors will become even more common, while other inventions are aimed at eliminating contaminants from the office.

The New York City-based company PathSpot boasts that its hand scanning device can detect which employees in the office may be walking around with contaminants on their fingers. Users place their hands underneath the scanner and, according to the company's website, the device then takes just two seconds to determine whether a person's hands are covered in "harmful contaminants that spread common illnesses."

Ava Robotics developed the Coronavirus Killer Robot, which works while employees are away - blasting the office with ultraviolet light to kill viruses.

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