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Mobile Robot Guide Interview: Disinfection, Telepresence, & Mobile Robot Evolution

Join Mobile Robot Guide/Podcast host, Mike Oitzman and Ava Co-Founder/VP of Product, Marcio Macedo as they trace Ava Robotics back to it's roots, discuss intelligence workplace robotics applications, and look toward the future of mobile robots.

Check out the full Mobile Robot Guide Podcast with Ava Co-Founder and VP of Product, Marcio Macedo

With a growing partnership with Cisco and increased demand from a newly distributed workplace, Ava is positioned to have a strong impact on the future of work. The telepresence market continues to grow, but that doesn't always mean the solutions get better. Not all telepresence robots are created equal. Ava Telepresence Robots bring mobility, intelligence, and the power of Cisco Webex to increase access and outcomes for business collaboration and process enablement.

Similarly, the technology for UV disinfection is not new, but the way it is applied and how it is managed within a range of businesses (not just clean lab rooms and healthcare facilities) is changing. It's no longer a black-and-white, destroy the particles function. For Ava, our team is more focused on how the technology accommodates people and perception, especially as we make plans and new best practices for safer workplaces.

Proof of disinfection is a necessary feature, which Ava's UV Disinfection Robot provides to the appropriate facility manager. But, more importantly, the peace-of-mind for the employees, customers, and clients entering and working within a space--whether it's a general office space, distribution warehouse, corporate cafeteria, retail store, etc.--is what will determine the success of an environment in 2021 and beyond.

Interested in Ava's Telepresence and UV Disinfection Robots? Get in touch with our team.

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