Driving health and safety standards in the workplace.

Learn how UV Disinfection Robots clean both air and surfaces, and promote employee and customer confidence by managing workplace cleaning needs, including disinfecting for COVID-19. 

With Ava’s UV Disinfection robots, businesses can establish critical health and safety initiatives that include and go beyond COVID response for a safer workplace. The robot is ideal for office, warehouse and factory cleaning, delivering peace of mind for onsite employees and customers. 

Confirmation for every run. Ava’s UV Disinfection Robot generates a Disinfection Report. This report shows the dosage applied to both air and surfaces within your defined treatment area. Facility managers can share this report, so your people and visitors better understand how the robot works and contributes to workplace health and safety.

UV Report.png

Ava Robotics also makes a Webex-enabled telepresence robot for workplaces that need to provide remote access to staff, partners and prospects. The robot provides seamless, reliable and natural presence, and collaboration for remote workers to enable existing workplace solutions. Our Security Robots increase workplace security and patrolling, facility inspections and event response.


Ava UV robots feature full autonomous operation and safe navigation, as well as remote access to the robot for facilities managers or other users. The robots can automatically clean specified areas in a workplace or facility based on preset schedules, allowing users to focus on areas of need with regard to disinfection.


The UV disinfection robot delivers applications that disinfect both air and surfaces to meet the needs of a variety of workplace settings. With a disinfection rate of approximately 9,000 square feet per hour, and with 99% effectiveness against COVID-19, this is a thorough and effective cleaning solution that easily integrates with cleaning best practices and existing protocols. 


With emailed reporting, automatically sent to managers, that confirms appropriate dosage for assigned areas, Ava delivers metrics that confirm the areas scheduled to be cleaned have been treated with the right disinfection dosage.