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Use Case Study: Ava Robot in Briefing and Innovation Centers

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Better remote access and experience drive results for interactive business centers.

Companies design and invest in compelling physical spaces for revenue generation, prototype incubation for productization, talent draw and retention, adaptive culture reinforcement, and more.

Ava Telepresence Robots expand your center's reach, access, and experience.

Image courtesy of Cisco

For briefing and innovation centers to deliver on ROI, managers of these spaces must offer flexible access, while maintaining the highest level of customer/visitor experience.

But according to a report from Capgemini,

“The vast majority of innovation labs — up to 90%, one expert says — fail to deliver on their promise.”

Where and how can these premier spaces walk the walk and better align with business goals?

Implementing the right technology to enable better business outcomes largely dictates success. Tech for tech’s sake takes away from these environments and mis-aligns with the larger business objectives. Gadgetry without application isn't innovation, and incubation without a purpose is half-baked strategy.

Adding value and complementing solutions, systems, and products within briefing and innovation centers is the real opportunity for technology – and Ava Telepresence Robots deliver on advancing both access and experience to achieve results.

Mobile telepresence makes an immediate impact on center efficacy.

Through features that let the person teleporting into the space create and customize their on-site experience. With seamless integration and efficiencies, Ava Telepresence also improves and advances center operations for those on-site.

Consider the customer/visitor journey within a briefing or innovation center. Expectations, whether remote or in-person, include:

  • An optimal path through the center

  • Intuitive connection points, guidance, and real-time expertise along the way

  • Effective, inclusive formats for presentations and/or demonstrations

  • Accommodations for either individuals or groups coming into the space

A positive, memorable experience along this journey, whether taking in an immersive sales presentation, a product demo, or a site tour, is what precipitates decisions, conversations, referrals. These are the results that deliver on business promises and metrics to which briefing and innovation centers are held.

Solve for an “actually there” remote experience - add value beyond standard video.

An immersive experience demands real-time options. When a visitor/customer teleports into a space on Ava, the user is able to navigate to defined destinations set by the business, or, they can drive the robot to desired locations manually, stopping to interact, observe, and engage along the way.

Provide more control and choice, without complication. User-friendly features like sit/stand functionality, zoom-in and out, and scheduling options offer more personalization for remote participation. But, at the same time, users don’t want to feel overwhelmed by options.

Intelligent, autonomous mobility takes care of the heavy lifting. The robot avoids obstacles and navigates safely from place to place, entirely on its own. The visitor/customer has the ability to drive the robot if they prefer, but otherwise, Ava takes care of the travel.

"With Ava, our team feels confident that we can deliver a better customer experience than our competitors, and that confidence spreads beyond the sales team, throughout the company."

Hillrom Area Vice President Sales, Pete Zawodniak

Ease of use and integration saves on-site resources and offers more accommodations.

Elevate existing IT. Technology need to optimize existing set ups and systems without requiring extra work or large time investments. On-site staff have the ability to use the robot after mapping the space. Additionally, Ava offers interoperability. Sessions can be done through Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Save time and travel. Visitors to these spaces have access any time, from anywhere. Briefing and innovation center visits aren’t typically multi-day trips. Using Ava creates efficiencies around travel time and associated costs, while offering more flexibility and accommodations.

Accommodate individuals and groups. One person or a group of people have the opportunity to have a physical presence and representative with Ava. Depending on the purpose of the center (selling, touring, demos, etc.), visitors/customers can feel comfortable and included in a one-to-many or many-to-one situation.

Define access preferences. With session scheduling and Guest Access options, businesses can also determine when, and for how long, they would like to extend open, and sometimes self-led, access to centers via Ava.

Ava Telepresence driving results in global centers for Hillrom, Cisco, HP, and Verizon

Many businesses rely on physical spaces to influence customers, prospects, internal stakeholders, and many others. They are designed to instill and inspire confidence that continued learning, collaboration, and innovation are core values not only in concept, but, more importantly, in practice.

Hillrom - Advancing customer experience and expanding sales reach

Extending sales reach by including remote attendees or SMEs in the buying and decision-making process via Ava, Hillrom increases accessibility for rural, satellite, and government facilities with limited travel budget and capabilities.

Check out the Hillrom Case Study.

HP - Remote access and presence for site tours around the world

HP leverages their robots extensively for remote site visits. Beginning with virtual site tours at their HQ in Palo Alto, Ava now welcomes remote visitors and customers into HP centers in seven different countries.

Cisco - Immersive experience and access for events, innovation, and hybrid work

As an Ava partner and customer, Cisco deploys telepresence robots in worldwide innovation and customer experience centers. Enhanced remote access to centers for site visits and events also enables hybrid work within Cisco’s internal innovation teams.

Verizon - Remote customers/visitors experience the power of 5G and future innovation

Long time Ava customer and collaborator, Verizon features telepresence robots in their innovation centers in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In addition to welcoming customers for site tours and engagement with their innovation teams, Verizon has used Ava to host the NAF Future Ready program, offering interns a more immersive experience in their 5G lab.

To learn more about how you and your teams can use Telepresence Robots to grow business through remote access and experience, get in touch with our team.

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