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WorkSpace Connect on Ava UV Disinfection + Ava Robots Evolving the Workplace

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

With the launch of the Ava UV Disinfection Robot earlier this month and the continued growth of telepresence demand, the bigger story around workplace robots and robotic technology solutions comes into focus, not just for robotics companies like Ava, but for the larger business community.

Workplace safety, collaboration, and human-centered design must work to accommodate more fluid spaces and resources. Which is how Ava caught the eye of Informa's WorkSpace Connect.

WorkSpace Connect is an enterprise community hub focused on helping businesses prepare for the future of digital workspaces that take advantage of innovations in the use of technology and office space. They approached Ava to learn more about our robots and how they have "come to the rescue" for meetings and cleanings.

Businesses are evolving their people, processes, and cultures to be more agile and iterative for the future of work. And a tool in that solutions set is workplace robots.

Read the full article from WorkSpace Connect.

Look for Ava to continue expanding its portfolio — and for people to get more and more comfortable with having robots in the workplace. Robots will be in the workplace doing many different things...people feeling connected will be critical, and will transform the way people think.

Ava CEO, Youssef Saleh

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