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  • Molly Gardner

Video: Ava Telehealth at Skilled Nursing Facility CareOne at Hanover

CareOne at Hanover recently introduced their Ava Telepresence Robot as the first Telepresence robot in New Jersey, utilized in a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility).

Their goal: to equip physicians/specialists with an effective way to remotely assess and collaborate with onsite clinical teams, discussing care plans in real-time. Expanding access and promoting timely assessment, the teams at CareOne believe Ava robots will aid in better clinical outcomes, as well as higher levels of patient satisfaction.

As a new Telehealth technology solution, CareOne also prioritized Ava's ability to allow doctors to visit patients bedside without compromising patient (or care provider) health and safety. Healthcare professionals are seeing more patients, while still providing the highest level of precaution and, most importantly, care.

Learn more about Ava + Webex in healthcare settings.

Or get in touch with our team to schedule a demo.

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