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Scripps Networks News Feature: UV Light & Robotics 101

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Using UV light to clean and disinfect is not a new process--neither are cleaning robots. But with a new, urgent focus on safe spaces and assurance around exposure to the coronavirus, the demand and market for both is very new. A quick search for UV lamps on Amazon can confirm the fact that everyone is looking for a way to have more peace-of-mind.

When the Scripps Networks approached Ava for input to their story, they wanted to know:

  • How UV light worked to disinfect

  • The approach we took with the UV robot collaboration with MIT for the Greater Boston Food Bank

  • Our experience thus far communicating this use case to the market

  • What kind of expectations to anticipate in the coming months as the next normal for spaces of all varieties kicks in

Alongside Dr. Eric Hill, the Chair of Emergency Services at Medical Center of Aurora, we discussed the purpose, experiences, and communications in response to UV light and autonomous robots in the workplace.

Watch the video and read the full story:

The future of work isn't just about redefining and redesigning spaces. Spaces like manufacturing floors, school buildings, grocery stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and many more can't always be reconfigured. As a result, new focus has been placed on keeping these spaces as clean and virus-free as possible.

Want to learn more about how Ava's fully-autonomous robots are providing solutions to rapidly evolving workplace expectations?

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