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Robots for People: EPAM Continuum + Ava Resonance Test Podcast

The opportunity for intelligent robots in the workplace to empower people is a bright star leading us into 2021. We believe strongly that continuous learning from our innovative customers and partners is what will bring this vision to life.

For true workplace transformation, design, technology, and people must come together. And being able to unite the physical world with digital demands is how Ava robots are FOR people.

Thank you for hosting Ava Co-Founder and VP of Product, Marcio Macedo on the Resonance Test podcast, EPAM Continuum team! We are honored to be a part of this conversation started by Toby Bottorf's amazing article, and we look forward to growing our partnership in the new year.

More on the episode from EPAM Continuum:

Robots are inching their way toward us. In the workplace. In grocery stores. In hospitals. This isn’t a necessarily alarming development. It's certainly not in the eyes of people like our guest, Marcio Macedo, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Ava Robotics. Macedo says it’s all about creating the right kind of human-to-robot partnerships: “To us, it comes to down to a focus on learning with the customer.”

Luckily, Macedo’s interlocutor this episode, Toby Bottorf, is the author of a classic blog post called “Robots for People: A Humanist Reframing of Automated Labor.” Their conversation is anything but robotic. For instance, Macedo talks about how, during family visits to nursing facilities during COVID times, Ava’s telepresence robot is “a very physical way for family members to come in,” adding that it’s “much more immersive and engaging than an iPad being brought on a tripod.” Bottorf points out the “stalking pandemic of loneliness, which Zoom is no cure for” and Macedo says: “There’s a lot of promise in robotics for sure in helping address that.”

Macedo talks about the hybrid office situation so many of us do, or will soon, face, and says that here robots will “not just deliver the productivity but some amount of accessibility and fairness as well, because there are populations that will not be able to be physically in the [workspace].” Can you see our robot avatars hanging out with each other? Bottorf can: “I have a mental image that makes me smile: The idea that in 2021 there will be workplaces where clusters of remote workers, or their robot physical presences, will be having a water cooler conversation.”

Special thanks to

Author: Toby Bottorf

Host: Alison Kotin Engineer: Kyp Pilalas Producer: Ken Gordon

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Jun 30

Intrigued by 'Robots for People: EPAM Continuum + Ava Resonance Test Podcast'! This podcast delves into the exciting possibilities of robots enhancing our daily lives. Whether you're into technology trends or curious about innovative applications, this episode promises valuable insights. For those interested in capturing futuristic discussions like these it’s great for preserving and sharing thought-provoking content!

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