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Presence Disparity: Ava + Steelcase Boston

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

When the Design Museum invited us once again to be a part of their annual Workplace Summit, we couldn't wait to collaborate with Steelcase Boston to storyboard workplace transformation.

In response to a podcast and article from Steelcase a few years ago, we honed in on the concept of Presence Disparity: What it was, is, and will be, heading into a workplace era, flavored by the extreme, persistent challenges of the pandemic.

There is no silver bullet. Solving for presence disparity is a design thinking challenge. The future of the workplace depends heavily on our ability to design successful spaces that physically and digitally eliminate distance.

This includes:

●Flexible workspace options

●Technology solutions


●User experience

It's going to be crucial for teams to look to their existing systems, as well as new technologies and products to solve for presence disparity and the increasingly distributed workforce. With the help of the Steelcase Boston team, we were able to capture footage of Ava Telepresence in their innovative space, alongside their modular FlexSpace office solutions.

Together, we were able to recognize the long term value of:

Space Design/Systems Integration

Complement your space and existing collaboration tools to optimize on-site and remote experiences.

Communication Facilitation

Spontaneous and personalized communication, providing more choice and control.

Closing Work Culture Gaps

Designing on-site-to-remote and remote-to-onsite experiences to inspire confidence in your space and among your teams.

Check out our video with Steelcase, and if you'd like to take a look at the Workplace Summit presentation we used for our session, download the slide deck below:

*Note: Video was presented with voiceover for the event, but does not have any audio

Presence Disparity_ Facilitating Communi
Download • 2.66MB

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