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Office Space Trends: Sasaki Promotes Ava in Architectural Products Magazine

Touchless solutions, dividing the room, creating more space...

These are all top-of-mind tactics for those responsible for safer workspace design and implementation. Our friends and future of work partners over at Sasaki are solving for these challenges with design thinking every day, all day.

When Architectural Products approached Sasaki Chair of External Relations and workplace design principal, Liz von Goeler with a feature on workplace trends, she highlighted Ava as an example of a solution she anticipates will play a bigger role in offices as we move toward the future of work.

See the full Sept/Oct issue of Architectural Products.

With the Ava Telepresence Robot, remote users can easily and safely navigate through large workspaces, event spaces, retail spaces, etc. Enterprise-grade videoconferencing makes interacting with people on-site perfectly natural--and offers a crystal-clear view of the facility.
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