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Interview: CNET + Ava Robotics on Practical Teleportation

When Ava Robotics CEO, Youssef Saleh met with CNET Editor-at-Large, Tim Stevens to discuss the future of work and telepresence, the question around what we call 'practical teleportation' became the focal point.

How does Ava deliver on practical teleportation, and could this be a defining feature of "The Future of Work" reality standing at our doorstep?

Plotting the various milestones of telepresence and video conferencing on a historical timeline is a worthy exercise, but what matters most to the market, especially right now, is the promise of what is to come.

What can telepresence technology enable, and how will it change the way we do business?

Is your business a good fit for telepresence robots?

What will be the human and bottom-line impacts driving decisions?

Additionally, there must be a clear understanding of the use cases and how 'practical teleportation' offers a more natural, immersive experience than traditional video conferencing platforms. As with all new technologies, seeing other businesses using and seeing results with new telepresence solutions cultivates trust and drives demand.

But the real success stories come from businesses experiencing more meaningful human connection and empowering remote workers, customers, clients, and consultants to make the impact they desire.

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