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Interview: Ava + NPR on How Robots Get Us Back to Work

As the quarantine rules begin to evolve into re-opening regulations, the future of workplaces begins to take shape. As a result of social distancing and phased approaches to welcoming workers and customers back to on-site situations across industries, the concept of robotic solutions and resources is more on the table than perhaps it's ever been.

WBUR approached a few members of the Boston area robotics community to discuss the part robots can and will play in a variety of work settings. Ava was prepared to share our covid-response experiences, and perspective around the future of work.

"People used to think of robots as a threat, to say the least. And I'm seeing this shift from that to being an agent of safety.” -- Ava CEO, Youssef Saleh

Hear the full segment and read the write-up from WBUR:

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