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Harnessing the Power of Remote Experts

Imagine having the ability to virtually transport yourself into a lab or a factory, providing expert guidance and support without physically being there. That's where Ava Robotics comes in, revolutionizing the concept of remote experts with our solutions.

By utilizing Ava Robots, experts can seamlessly connect with teams on-site by *teleporting, provide real-time assistance, and oversee operations from anywhere in the world. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances collaboration and productivity within organizations.

Individuals can work effectively from home or another location while still being fully engaged in the activities at the site. Just think about it… being able to zoom in on specific areas, communicate with team members as if walking through the factory yourself, and guide them through intricate procedures with precision and clarity. Our mobile robots enable seamless interaction, ensuring that expertise is always within reach.

The Ava Robot puts functionality first with its autonomous navigation and safe movement, allowing it to efficiently maneuver through crowded and dynamic workspaces without the need for human intervention. Additionally, the advanced video conferencing capabilities, including zoom, pan/tilt, peripheral view, stand/sit options, and speakers for noisy environments, make it an invaluable tool for remote collaboration and communication. The loud speakers are particularly useful in bustling factory settings where noise levels can be high, ensuring clear audio transmission. The zoom feature allows the Ava Robot to closely examine intricate machine dials and displays, providing real-time insights for remote operators. 

With video conferencing capabilities, the Ava Robot is compatible with popular platforms such as Teams, Zoom, and Webex, allowing multiple experts to join a call and collaborate in real-time. What sets Ava apart is its encrypted communication, ensuring that your proprietary information stays secure and protected. With Ava, you can enhance productivity and efficiency in your remote team meetings while maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data.

Some examples of tasks that remote experts can perform while using Ava to visit a remote site include:

- Providing virtual support for troubleshooting issues in real-time. Engineers and technicians are able to log in to the Ava Robot remotely. The robot’s camera zoom function is very helpful for quick evaluations and maintenance, allowing remote users to see instruments and displays closely, aiding in precise troubleshooting from their off site location.

- Training and guidance to team members remotely. The local staff benefits from expert guidance while off-site members are able to navigate through the facility independently as if they were physically present. The screen sharing feature is useful in this use case, allowing remote experts to show drawings and procedures, enhancing understanding of the tasks at hand.

- Conducting inspections and overseeing operations from a distance. Quality managers and supervisors can witness and collaborate remotely while feeling present and engaged. Ava’s mobility ensures they can move freely without bumping into obstacles, including dynamic and static object avoidance. 

Even third-party service vendors can log in to Ava and help troubleshoot problems. The Guest Invite feature allows for temporary access to individuals for a limited time (e.g., 1 hour). After you send an invitation, the guest receives an email and can teleport just by clicking on a link. Access is automatically revoked after the given time slot passes.

The Ava Robot caters to a wide range of industries with use cases requiring remote experts such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries. 

A large global pharmaceutical company carries out tasks in controlled sterile environments, such as fill finish rooms, utilizing Quality Assurance (QA) specialists, supervisors, and technical staff. Remote experts teleport on-site for reasons of convenience, travel restrictions, or even urgency. 

A large auto parts manufacturer uses Ava for off site management, teleporting their remote engineers and technical support for supervising facility maintenance, contractors, and vendors. Ava is also used in training new on-boards through personalized training sessions facilitated by a remote expert and the Ava Robot. 

In a semiconductor facility, QA specialists, remote engineers, and technical support managers are called to oversee operations, such as constantly monitoring quality standards, administering remote diagnostics, audits, and reporting to any of their fabrication plants. When problems do arise, the remote expert is onsite ready to supervise the situation ensuring smooth operations and reduced downtime.

Experience the future of remote experts with Ava Robotics and unlock new possibilities for your business or organization. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of virtual collaboration with our innovative robotic solutions.

*Teleporting: When a user logins into the Ava iOS app/Web app and his/her video is connected to the Ava Robot via a screen. They can interact with others and control navigation for the robot.

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