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Facilitating Remote Teamwork and Collaboration at Steelcase

Updated: Apr 8

Steelcase is a 12,000-employee company that provides a wide range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services. As a firm dedicated to bringing innovation to the workplace, it’s no surprise Steelcase would turn to Ava Robotics to optimize the telepresence experience for remote employees.

With its executive team spread across four countries on three continents, leveraging technology to achieve more immersive experiences was a vital requirement for Steelcase’s new Leadership Community space. Focused on learning, the team decided to use an Ava Telepresence robot to explore ways remote team members can replicate the critical experience of being in the physical work environment. We thank Steelcase for sharing their story and photos of Ava in use at their headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.

Download the Success Story and learn more about how Steelcase facilitates remote teamwork and communication by clicking below:


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