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Device Integration & Open APIs: Ava Robot at Cisco Canada Connect

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

With Ava Telepresence Robots in several global Cisco offices, there are multiple unique use cases in practice. And, recently, Cisco's Toronto office just celebrated their first Avaversary. Their teams have used Ava throughout the office: at reception, to access the innovation lab, and for meetings.

For their Cisco Canada Connect virtual event, Cisco Innovation Architect, Justin Cohen presented his session, 'Build the Future of Work Through APIs' using Ava to help demonstrate what is possible with device integration.

Check out his big entrance and intro:

How can open APIs shape and power the hybrid workplace?

To demonstrate the possibilities when multiple devices work together, Justin connects the Cisco Desk Pro and Ava Telepresence to create a unique experience for employees, visitors, or customers entering their workspace.

"Ava, our robot has APIs too. So we've integrated it to send Ava the robot to meet Wayne and escort him to the room where his meeting is, with perfect social distancing."

It's important to note that this integration is not a difficult task. As a device that takes the Webex platform beyond the static screen, Ava is still very much a part of the secure, managed platform so many businesses already have in place. So getting started with Ava is a quick and easy process.

Just ask our friends and partners at Cisco!

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