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Ava Robot Transports Virtual Attendees to MIT Climate & Energy Reception

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) climate and energy community recently gathered in the MIT Samberg Conference Center for a reception hosted by MIT Climate & Energy Ventures, the MIT Climate & Energy Prize, and the Martin Trust Center.

The event was attended by alumni of MIT Climate and Energy Ventures, past participants in the MIT Climate & Energy Prize, and those who have helped the MIT climate and energy community over the years.

For those who couldn’t be there in person but still wanted to enjoy the event virtually, an Ava Telepresence Robot helped remote participants engage with fellow in-person attendees through advanced Webex capabilities, move about the room, listen to presentations and even pose for holiday photos.

Telepresence robots allow for a more authentic, real-life interaction between remote and in-person event participants. Virtual attendees at the MIT event moved around the room, mingled with fellow guests, and were even brought up on stage to speak.

Users control Ava via iPad, iPhone or web browser. The remote user can adjust position, "sit" or "stand" and look up or down. A front camera provides the main view, while side cameras allow for peripheral vision. Ava can automatically optimize framing of people within view, including moving closer for better interaction.

When a physical presence isn’t possible, intelligent, autonomous robots can provide the next best thing.

Many steps beyond a simple two-dimensional video call, using an Ava robot allows virtual event attendees to move around the room freely, interact with other guests, and engage in a meaningful way – making them feel like they’re right there in the room.

During the holiday party season, there’s nothing better than being there. And Ava gave the MIT team the power to bring even more of their team together in an authentic way.

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