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Ava Robotics + Webex: Enabling meaningful visitation for long term care residents

At Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Community in Texas, there was a very real need for connection amidst the emergence of Covid19. Ava + Webex provides family, friends, as well as healthcare providers, the ability to safely visit residents during these challenging times--and beyond.

As a solution to bring people together, it would be challenging to find a more meaningful use case for telepresence than within the long term care community setting.

For many higher-risk populations, social distancing and masks are not enough to maintain a safe, low-exposure environment--and they never will be. Some residents at long term care communities aren't able to see loved ones even when the main threat is the common cold. And geographic/travel limitations continue to fuel an epidemic that long predates Covid19: loneliness.

Read the full Garnet Hill story:

When it comes to user experience and interface, Ava + Webex is a hands and device-free option for residents with no manual set-up. Users simply specify a destination, and Ava automatically works with Cisco to show up on-demand. Residents simply welcome their loved ones into the room and start visiting as they would in-person.

At Garnet Hill, Ava was delivered within a week and families were able to start connecting with each other the very same day. Having a Webex-powered Ava telepresence robot that can autonomously connect people on both sides of the screen, wherever, whenever, is a perfect fit for long-term care communities. And thanks to the security and simplicity of Webex, Garnet Hill’s Administrator and Director of Nurses felt even more confident bringing in a new "team member."

We are excited to see more and more long term care communities at the table, with the desire to share Ava + Webex with their residents!

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