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Ava Robotics Reveals Latest Autonomous Security Robot at GSX in Partnership with Johnson Controls

Ava Robotics, a leader in designing and developing intelligent robots for workplace applications to improve human productivity, safety and quality of life, unveils the latest version of a security robot at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference 2022 in Atlanta. The security robot, in partnership with Johnson Controls, increases workplace security and patrolling, facility inspections and event response with incredible reliability. The robot will be available to view in the Johnson Controls Security Products "Demo and Innovation" Showroom (A404 - A405) at GSX.

This fully featured robot brings access control, video surveillance and robotics together for a comprehensive and efficient security solution, creating needed efficiencies in security operations while increasing operational competencies. The security robot provides users with a robust solution to conduct rounds, make inspections, enable deterrence, capture incidents and upgrade reporting. As a result, security teams can focus more time responding to security threats and physical breaches and less time on observation.

The security robot leverages artificial intelligence capabilities with unified access control and video surveillance to conduct autonomous event response, send automatic alerts, monitor suspicious activity, and more. The Johnson Controls Security Robot powered by Ava Robotics includes sensors, touchscreen and cameras to streamline security operations and improve operational efficiency, delivering unprecedented workplace monitoring and security capabilities.

"The opportunity for businesses to employ a complete and sophisticated robotic security solution is here now. The complicated activity of patrolling, monitoring and reporting - made especially acute in today's labor environment - is greatly enhanced with Ava's security robot," said Marcio Macedo, cofounder and VP, products at Ava Robotics. "We're proud to debut this with Johnson Controls and invite GSX attendees to see what next-gen autonomous security solutions look like."

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