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Ava Robotics Included in Leading Analyst Firm’s Workforce Augmentation Report

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2022 / With challenging worker shortages persisting across industries, robotics augmentation and automation is emerging as a solution to the changing workplace. Ava Robotics, a leader in designing and developing intelligent robots for workplace applications to improve human productivity, safety and quality of life, was interviewed for and cited in the Forrester February 2022 report "Automation Can Solve the Service Worker Shortage." Ava Robotics concepts, develops, builds and sells intelligent robots that work with and for people in workplace environments.

Workplace robots-from cleaning to security monitoring to retail kiosk to facilities management to collaboration-are moving toward an inflection point in market creation, acceptance and demand. Robots offer an avenue to place people in better control of workplace agility and preferences, which support broader business goals including:

  • Reducing work travel expenses and enabling hybrid work

  • Prioritizing staff resources

  • Expanding sales and marketing reach

  • Improving overall operations and safety within a variety of buildings and facilities

  • Sustainability and decarbonizing

Addressing instabilities in staffing is expected to be a long-term challenge and will be a key driver for workplace robots that provide flexibility, mobility and solve problems without adding complexity, and can positively impact top and bottom lines.

The Future of Facilities Management and Smart Buildings Includes Robots

Applying robotics technology within a physical workplace can improve productivity and experience, while also maximizing staff and facility resources. Additionally, robotics help power sustainability and net-zero initiatives. Robots can assume tasks and responsibilities around security patrols, on-call technical support, front desk/concierge services and facility monitoring. They can serve as data aggregators, disinfection solutions and environmental reporters, giving readings on air quality, temperature and humidity. Mobile, autonomous and hands-free, workplace robots can be safely customized to suit facility needs, even in extreme settings like healthcare, labs and clean rooms.

Augmentation & Automation

Global staffing issues demand a new means for businesses to fill gaps. Augmenting staff with robots to perform routine tasks or automating processes formerly executed by human workers are opportunities for robots to function in the workplace without disrupting vital people-driven initiatives.

Ava telepresence robots enable the hybrid workplace across industries, offering interoperability and easy integration into existing IT frameworks. As a Cisco partner, Ava + Webex extends the Webex platform through intelligent robotics technology.

Ava robots also include security robots, in partnership with Johnson Controls, that monitor and patrol-with or without people around-and report risks/incidents for staff to address in real time, and UV disinfection robots that work during off-hours to disinfect air and surfaces without people around.

About Ava Robotics

With deep technical heritage from iRobot, Ava Robotics is a robotics technology company that designs and builds intelligent robots for the workplace. Delivering on a vision of robots working with and for people, Ava's technology emphasizes user experience, safety and autonomous mobility to empower people, while advancing business operations and access.

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