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Ava Enables Remote Access at Verizon's New Innovation Center

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Providing more immersive, mobile, and personalized remote access to compelling physical spaces continues to be a winning use case for Ava Telepresence. During a tour of Verizon's stunning, new downtown Boston Innovation Center, it was great seeing two Ava robots settled into this incredible (and very suitable) environment where emerging technology is the flavor of the week--every week.

Ava and Verizon continue to enjoy a long-standing relationship that has touched everything from competitions to corporate office spaces to 5G lab internships to innovation centers.

What makes Ava Telepresence a proven solution for innovation and experiential spaces is the ability to...

Welcome one VIP customer, several prospects, or a group of school children into your space for a more memorable, interactive experience.

Expand sales and marketing reach in addition to enhancing facility/center tours and sales presentation capabilities.

Mitigate travel and associated costs for both hosts and visitors.

Offer an easy, inclusive, and safe avenue for tour and event participation, as well as training and educational sessions.

Other customers and partners who leverage Ava Telepresence Robots in innovation lab/customer experience centers and showrooms include: HP, Cisco, Hillrom, iRobot, and Deloitte.

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