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Ava Discusses Cleaning Tech with Nation's Restaurant News

After hearing about our UVC robot proof of concept with MIT CSAIL at the Greater Boston Food Bank, Nation's Restaurant News approached our team at Ava to discuss UV disinfection robotics and the future of cleaning technology.

What works, how it works, and will any of it redefine standards beyond the Covid world?

The success of many restaurants, and businesses in general, hinges upon confidence. Can they foster enough peace-of-mind for people to have a safe and comfortable experience in their space? And, most importantly, how can businesses provide the PROOF to deliver on assurance and confidence?

The stakes are high, and companies are responding to these challenges with floor-to-ceiling products and services--from lights to HVAC solutions to UV products to industrial-strength cleaning processes and more. Determining the best set of solutions to get people back at the door and then IN the door isn't a basic Google search. It's making a plan, investing in long-term processes, and communicating the value, internally and externally.

Read the full Nation's Restaurant News article here.

Our perspective is that there is no all-inclusive, single-handed solution for the safest, cleanest workspace. It's a complimentary ecosystem. The UV Disinfection Robot we are currently piloting is an important component in what we view as the new set of safe workspace best practices.

“The best practices for disinfecting and keeping places clean with minimized risk include proper ventilation, air sanitization and mechanical cleaning. But ventilation is not perfect because it takes time before all the air is circulated, and mechanical cleaning only covers surfaces.”

The future of work demands more from people and products. Providing assurance and demonstrating a commitment to employees, clients, customers, etc., goes beyond an all-in-one mentality for cleaning.

If you'd like more information about UV Disinfection, get in touch with our team.

Or if you'd like to schedule a demo, you can get a feel for how Ava can make a difference in your workplace.

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