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Ava & Cisco Join the Fight Against Loneliness for Long Term Care Residents

Telepresence, dominantly viewed through the lens of business collaboration, can flex and pivot to meet diverse business needs. But when it comes to telepresence in the context of long term care communities, it comes from and goes straight to the heart. The quantitative success metrics of a product take a back seat to the intangible facilitation of personal, human connection. Which is the kind of impact our high-risk populations need and deserve.

The fight against loneliness is endless, but not pointless. And within long term care communities, it is a steeper uphill battle for residents, staff, and loved ones who range from down the street to across the world. Regardless of the situation, global pandemic or the common cold, we need solutions to visit our loved ones in long term care communities--and all high-risk settings.

Ava and Cisco Webex are partnering to boost remote family and friendship in long term care communities across the country.

For more perspective around Ava as a "Virtual Best Friend," check out the blog from our partners at Cisco:

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