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Ava Telepresence at Flex Summit 2019 and the Future of Work

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Ava Robotics was invited to present at Fuze’s inaugural Flex Summit earlier this month. Business leaders gathered in Boston to learn more about the future of flexible work, which included talks about new technologies and an evolving work culture.

Marcio Macedo, co-founder of Ava Robotics, introduced Ava Robotics and demonstrated how Ava Telepresence can be used in remote work and meetings. This is especially important as teams become distributed across geographical lines and flexible work becomes the standard for successful organizations.

Many of the speakers at Flex Summit spoke about supporting distributed teams. As Elizabeth Kiehner of IBM pointed out in her presentation, integrating AI into the workplace plays a huge part in the future of the organization. AI-based solutions like the Ava Telepresence Robot are able to learn and interact with its surroundings, giving the remote worker the same mobility and feeling of immersion as though they are in the room.

A huge thank you to Fuze for hosting Ava Robotics at the Flex Summit. Our team had a great time at the event, and we look forward to future Flex Summits.

See the full recap of Flex Summit 2019 on Fuze’s blog.

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