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Be Anywhere, Anytime.

At the heart of our solution is the Ava Telepresence robot. Remote users can easily and safely navigate the robot through large workspaces, event spaces and retail spaces.


Enterprise-grade videoconferencing makes interacting with people on-site perfectly natural — and offers a crystal-clear view of the facility.

Man presenting viAva Telepresence Virtual Teleprsenc Robots

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Ava features intelligent, autonomous navigation. Users simply specify a destination, and Ava automatically moves to the desired location. Built-in collision avoidance allows the robot to safely navigate around people and objects without bumping into them.


Users control Ava via iPad, iPhone or web browser on PC/Mac. During a visit, the remote user can adjust position, "sit" or "stand" and look up or down. A front camera provides the main view, while side cameras allow for peripheral vision. Ava can automatically optimize framing of people within view, including moving closer for better interaction.


Ava delivers HD video up to 1080p along with full-fidelity audio and is compatible with any standards-based videoconferencing infrastructure. Embedded enterprise-grade security (including encryption, secure HTTPS management, password protection) makes Ava a trusted part of your corporate IT infrastructure.

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