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Ava Robotics is transforming the landscape of telemedicine with its groundbreaking solutions. Leveraging robotics technology, Ava Robots enable seamless physician rounds, virtual visits, and specialist availability across all facilities. By maximizing nursing time and addressing staff shortages, Ava Robotics revolutionizes healthcare delivery, ensuring enhanced patient care.


Garnet Hill

"Having a Webex-powered Ava robot to autonomously connect people on both sides of the screen, wherever, whenever, provided Garnet Hill's wellness teams with efficiency and confidence.


We needed a way that was fast, reliable, and

easy for everyone to use. Being able to

connect with people you can’t visit is


-Kelly Zelaska, Wellness Director, Garnet Hill


Salmon Health

"The Ava Robot during the height of COVID-19, 'allowed us to decrease our in-person exposure time, provided evaluation when not on-site or during off hours, and in several instances, allowed for rapid assessment when we needed to determine the best course of action when there was an acute change in patient condition.” 


- Shawn Neville, Executive Director Beaumont at Worcester

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