Addressing evolving security and facility monitoring needs.

Learn how Security Robots increase workplace security and patrolling, facility inspections and event response with incredible reliability. 

With the Tyco Security Robot powered by Ava Robotics, businesses can enable employees to focus more time on responding to security threats and physical breaches and less time on observation. The robot creates needed efficiencies in security operations while increasing operational competencies beyond security in ways that were once thought impossible.

Security for today's facility.

Tackle monotonous and repeated security tasks associated with observing, reporting and patrolling with objectivity and precision. Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence capabilities with Tyco unified access control and video surveillance, security robots provide the ability to conduct autonomous event response, send automatic alerts, follow and track suspicious activity, and more.

Ava Robotics is building a comprehensive offering of robots that employ automation to manage unmet needs of facilities and the workplace. Our Webex-enabled telepresence robot for workplaces provides remote access to staff, partners and prospects, and our UV disinfection robot allows businesses to establish critical health and safety initiatives that include and go beyond COVID response for a safer workplace.   


As debuted at the GSX 2021 Conference


Track and manage incidents quickly, review security events remotely, monitor critical equipment and ensure safety is maintained across operations.


Automate security patrols while giving remote staff situational awareness. Increase incident prevention and limit potentially harmful incidents.


Enhance operations with scheduled or on-demand facilities inspection and receive sensor data such as temperature, humidity and air quality.