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Delivering next-generation robotics usage for the enterprise

Manufacturing, Lab, and Supply Chain Environments: Allow for video communication anywhere in the facility, bringing remote expertise, inspection or supervision anywhere at any time.  

Healthcare: Enable physician rounds & virtual visits, extend specialist availability to all facilities, and maximize nursing time while combatting staff shortages.

Security: Allow your security team to perform patrols autonomously from a different location and respond to incidents on the spot without having to drive to site. 

Hybrid Work/Team Collaboration: Empower employees, executives, consultants and others working off-site to engage and collaborate seamlessly with your in-office and hybrid teams.


Site Visits: Allow guests and customers to visit your customer experience centers, innovation centers, and demo sites virtually to get a realistic sense of the onsite experience.

Ava Robotics Autonomous Telepresence Robots for Remote Team Collaboration
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