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Working remotely is no longer just a perk you give your employees. It has become the norm if you want to nurture good talent and hire the best around the world. However, with it comes the responsibility to ensure that your employees have the right tools, and technology to collaborate and innovate, even when working remotely.

At Ava Robotics, we believe in near-real experience of teamwork. Imagine enabling remote users to collaborate effectively with your teams or conduct site visits anywhere. Ava is a telepresence robot that makes it possible.

Logging from a PC/Mac or iOS device, users just select where they want to be and the Ava Telepresence Robot navigates the space to take them there. While in session, users have two-way HD video conferencing and can look 360 degrees, safely move, stand/sit, and zoom their view. At the end of the session, Ava goes back to the charging station by itself. 

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