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How a Telepresence Robot can boost productivity.

Imagine enabling remote users to collaborate effectively with your teams or conduct site visits. Ava Telepresence makes it all possible. 


At the heart of our solution is the Ava Telepresence robot. Remote users can easily and safely navigate the robot through large workspaces, event spaces, and retail spaces. Enterprise-grade video conferencing makes interacting with people on-site perfectly natural — and offers a crystal-clear view of the facility.


Learn how Ava Telepresence can create an unparalleled, immersive experience for your remote users. 

Ava Telepresence is ideal for the following use cases: 


  • Team collaboration: Empower employees, executives, consultants and others working off-site to engage and collaborate seamlessly with your teams. 


  • Site visits: Allow guests and customers to visit your hospitality, conference or customer experience center virtually and get a realistic sense of what the experience is like. 


  • Manufacturing, lab and supply chain environments: Improve situational awareness and collaboration in situations where remote expertise or supervision is helpful. 


  • Corporate training and presentations: Enable a more personal and interactive approach to remote corporate training and presentations.

Get the product brochure to learn more about Ava and how it can benefit your company.

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